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Tapping Toes of Ballet Folklórico

The Calidanza Dance Company, a rising troupe of Mexican folk dancers, has been working to put themselves on the map of the arts for just over a year now. Yes, this dance company was only founded in 2013! Based in Sacramento, Calidanza has high hopes to be recognized as Sacramento’s first professional Mexican folk dance, more »

An escape from reality

April 23: William Shakespeare’s birthday and the celebration of World Book Night. This event is held in over 6,200 cities and towns all over the world. Nearly 25,000 people volunteer to give away half a million books chosen from a roster determined by an independent panel of booksellers and librarians. Authors, agents, and publishers of more »

Rick, the pub candidate

Rick Dais is a different sort of local politician. By chance I met him in a smoke filled bar amongst a mixed crowd, the type of place that hangs Christmas lights and runs karaoke all night. He bounces back and forth between pool shots telling me the concerns he has with Sutter County. If the more »

Tradition’s drum beat

At the second of the Yuba College public events series on February 15, I went in expecting to see enthusiastic performers and a wonderful show. I did not leave the theater disappointed whatsoever. The show opened with musicians Michiyo Koga and Alan Johnson playing an almost mesmerizing song with the koto and bamboo flute. Relaxing more »

Dressing the part: In the world of cosplay

I was on my way to the Sacramento Convention Center. I turned the corner and almost ran full on into a Spartan from Halo, posed for a picture with a Predator from the predator movies. Just a normal day at SacAnime. The convention’s halls were chalk full of people and, as it turned out, SacAnime more »

Solution to Aaron's Epic Word Search Fall 2014

Aaron’s Epic Word Search Fall 2014 – Answers and corrections

Here is the solution to my word search.  Click to enlarge photo. I would like to note that there are two mistakes.  The first mistake is that Professor Edmunds’ last name is spelled wrong in the search but not in the list of words.  The mistake is highlighted in pink.  It should be found as more »

Enhancing Public Awareness:  Crossing Borders and Building Bridges

Enhancing Public Awareness: Crossing Borders and Building Bridges

  “Crossing Borders and Building Bridges” is an event series created to educate students and the community on a wide range of social and political topics. These are conducted in the form of directed-open-forums that allow in depth discussion of and education on topics such as, in the past, “Water Wars: America,” presented by Joshua more »

Without fear, without hate: On the path of the Sikh

Without fear, without hate: On the path of the Sikh

The initial wave of Sikh immigrants from Jullundur and Hoshiarpur within the Punjab region of India arrived in North America around 1897, roughly ten years after the first Japanese immigrants. Similar to the Japanese and other Asiatic people, Sikhs found themselves as labourers on railroads. Like other Asians, the Sikhs were located in the Northwestern more »

The other Arboga

The other Arboga

Caressed by sun-drenched archipelagos, storybook woodlands, and verdurous islands lush with greenery, Eastern Sweden is the heart of Summertime Scandinavia.  Blue skies and fair weather grace the festive season now that most of the ice and snow has melted away, revealing mushrooms and lavender stalks. Wooden lodges painted in warm colours hang close to the more »

courtesy Karen Sutton

The Fine Art of Karen Sutton

  Every so often, the Yuba College art program puts up special exhibits in the library to feature student art. For the first half of this semester, the fine art of Karen Sutton was on display. After practicing her craft for nearly 45 years, she has developed an extremely professional portfolio in all forms of more »

Tartuffing UP!

Tartuffing UP!

September 24, 2014 Last night’s rehearsal ended with heavy criticism from our director, across the board, except for two characters (Good job John and Alex).  His main two stage notes for everyone last night were that we were rushing through our lines and that we had very little character development.  Basically, our rehearsal was pretty more »

Veteran Gun logo

Cinnamon Garcia presents Veteran Gun

As veteran DJ Cinnamon Garcia cuts up the sounds of Sidney Toler’s last performance as Charlie Chan in 1943’s “The Trap,” one can’t help but feel the atmosphere of intergalactic time travel. Uninitiated youth looking for the auto-tuned, high tempo sounds of pop radio in 2014 will be forced to take a trip to another more »

Welcome Back... to New Japan

Welcome Back… to New Japan

  On September 21, New Japan Pro Wrestling ran what may have been its final live iPPV in North America. With something of an overhaul going on to, its pay-per-view provider, the future is uncertain. One thing is sure however, since debuting on pay-per-view in late 2012, the company has provided the absolute best more »

Tartuffe - Almost Ready!

Tartuffe – Almost Ready!

We are well into rehearsals now and the stress of being a student is starting to show.  We are supposed to be completely “off-book” meaning we should know all of our lines already, but a few of the newer actors who have lead roles are having a rough time memorizing everything.  This causes the actor more »

Tartuffe Rehearsals - Act 1

Tartuffe Rehearsals – Act 1

  Now for the good stuff.  I have a few weeks to discuss first before I am caught up to current events, but once I am caught up, this blog will read like diary or journal entries. I mentioned that we had auditions for two whole nights.  This was mostly to give people a chance more »

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