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Flavors for future success

Most Yuba College students are aware of Flavors, the on-campus, student-operated restaurant. However, most are probably not aware that the effort students put in at Flavors helps prepare them to be very successful in the culinary world. Every semester an average of eight to ten students are placed into jobs either locally or nationwide, according more »

Back in the saddle

Taskin, a rare buttermilk buckskin stallion of the Gypsy Vanner breed, made an appearance in Rancho Murieta California. This famous stallion was made into a Breyer model in 2012 as a limited edition with only 750 made. Taskin is meeting all of his west coast fans by appearing in shows with Starfire Gypsy Horses. Grand more »

Without fear, without hate: On the path of the Sikh

The initial wave of Sikh immigrants from Jullundur and Hoshiarpur within the Punjab region of India arrived in North America around 1897, roughly ten years after the first Japanese immigrants. Similar to the Japanese and other Asiatic people, Sikhs found themselves as labourers on railroads. Like other Asians, the Sikhs were located in the Northwestern more »

The other Arboga

Caressed by sun-drenched archipelagos, storybook woodlands, and verdurous islands lush with greenery, Eastern Sweden is the heart of Summertime Scandinavia.  Blue skies and fair weather grace the festive season now that most of the ice and snow has melted away, revealing mushrooms and lavender stalks. Wooden lodges painted in warm colours hang close to the more »

Tapping Toes of Ballet Folklórico

The Calidanza Dance Company, a rising troupe of Mexican folk dancers, has been working to put themselves on the map of the arts for just over a year now. Yes, this dance company was only founded in 2013! Based in Sacramento, Calidanza has high hopes to be recognized as Sacramento’s first professional Mexican folk dance, more »

Identifying with culture through art

Identifying with culture through art

Victor Bugarin realized his love for art as a small child drawing stick figures and animals in the dirt. This passion only grew and developed over the last 29 years. Finding a great connection with his Native American heritage, he feels close to nature and most enjoys making art that captures the essence of animals more »

REVIEW: Dragon Gate, 11/06/15, Live from Kōrakuen Hall

Yosuke <3 Santa Maria & U-T vs. Dragon Kid & Kzy This was great and it’s only the dark match. Yosuke forgot to shave her armpits tonight. A lovely touch. She would go for her trademark curtsy, but DK would curtsy with her, effectively mocking her. Yes, Yosuke is a her to me. It’s a more »

Running Game Remains a Bread and Butter Freight Train

Running Game Remains a Bread and Butter Freight Train

The Yuba College 49ers football program took a big step forward this 2015 season. For the second straight year they posted a solid winning season, going 5-5 after a 6-4 record in 2014. Back-to-back five-plus win seasons also saw head coach Ted Hoal notch his one hundredth career victory. Hoal’s 49ers had a late game more »

Yes, it's that time of year: Fall Festival!

Yes, it’s that time of year: Fall Festival!

Is it really fall already? The Yuba College Child Development Center program is really getting into the fall grove this year! They hosted the 2015 Fall Festival for all of the children in their program. November 13, 2015 is a day to be remembered as all of the children, staff, and volunteers at our colleges more »

Yuba County: A county abundant in resources

Yuba County: A county abundant in resources

Children and families in Yuba and Sutter Communities are hit by a lot of problems. Things such as bullying, cyber bullying, tobacco use, homelessness, and teen pregnancy can be seen throughout area. One should never feel alone when there are so many services willing to improve any situation that arises. Yuba College’s ECE 31 class more »

Step by step, mile by mile, we can walk to defeat ALS

Step by step, mile by mile, we can walk to defeat ALS

“I know Saturdays are precious and busy!!! I love that you came!” A note written on a memo pad from Deb, a sufferer of ALS who participates in ALS events, to everyone that came to support her that Saturday. On Saturday Oct. 3, 2015 at 11:00 A.M. there was an event held at Raley Field more »

Smoking, more dangerous than you may think

Smoking, more dangerous than you may think

Our community, the families in our community, and the children in our communities are all affected by the amount of tobacco use throughout the community. Smoking has been around since the 1500’s and has only worsened since. In the Yuba County community everywhere you turn you see people smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco, or using tobacco of more »

Kiara Koenig leads the Literary Arts Club meeting.

Getting involved: the Literary Arts Club

  If you’re like me, you may not know that much about the clubs of Yuba College. For me, it’s get in get out. But here is a club that has piqued my interest this semester. The Literary Arts Club, advised by Kiara Koenig, is a small club of about ten members that has one more »

Tales of Zestiria title

A hero’s tale

Join the epic battle to save the world! In Tales of Zestiria, we follow Sorey, a boy raised by Seraphim – a mystical spirit race – with a love of exploration. Sorey and his best friend Mikleo quickly become involved in the struggle for salvation as the world is slowly corrupted by malevolence. As the more »

Plated vegan chocolate chip cookies

Recipe share for the holidays

With Thanksgiving just around the corner and the holidays only weeks away, you may find yourself in need of something to contribute to a group meal or party. So to help out my fellow students I’d like to share one of my go-to dessert recipes. It is an uncomplicated, delicious, and quick, chocolate chip recipe that more »

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