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Without fear, without hate: On the path of the Sikh

The initial wave of Sikh immigrants from Jullundur and Hoshiarpur within the Punjab region of India arrived in North America around 1897, roughly ten years after the first Japanese immigrants. Similar to the Japanese and other Asiatic people, Sikhs found themselves as labourers on railroads. Like other Asians, the Sikhs were located in the Northwestern more »

The other Arboga

Caressed by sun-drenched archipelagos, storybook woodlands, and verdurous islands lush with greenery, Eastern Sweden is the heart of Summertime Scandinavia.  Blue skies and fair weather grace the festive season now that most of the ice and snow has melted away, revealing mushrooms and lavender stalks. Wooden lodges painted in warm colours hang close to the more »

Tapping Toes of Ballet Folklórico

The Calidanza Dance Company, a rising troupe of Mexican folk dancers, has been working to put themselves on the map of the arts for just over a year now. Yes, this dance company was only founded in 2013! Based in Sacramento, Calidanza has high hopes to be recognized as Sacramento’s first professional Mexican folk dance, more »

Tradition’s drum beat

At the second of the Yuba College public events series on February 15, I went in expecting to see enthusiastic performers and a wonderful show. I did not leave the theater disappointed whatsoever. The show opened with musicians Michiyo Koga and Alan Johnson playing an almost mesmerizing song with the koto and bamboo flute. Relaxing more »

Dressing the part: In the world of cosplay

I was on my way to the Sacramento Convention Center. I turned the corner and almost ran full on into a Spartan from Halo, posed for a picture with a Predator from the predator movies. Just a normal day at SacAnime. The convention’s halls were chalk full of people and, as it turned out, SacAnime more »

Group photo of Yuba College speech team

Giving Yuba College students a voice

 Speech team offers students a platform to develop advanced communication skills The Yuba College Speech Team enables students to perform at an advanced level in public speaking and oral interpretations of literature. They have been fund-raising hard over the past few years to afford the cost of traveling to and competing in competitions. Despite the more »

It's All About the Money

It’s All About the Money

Recording artist Nick Meyer takes a walk out into the back yard of his Yuba City home, and into the lavish recording studio he has built behind his Northern California abode. The former “St. Nick” is back at it once again, preparing his third solo LP, and the work ethic can be felt throughout the more »

Zero Reasons To Count Out ZERO1

Zero Reasons To Count Out ZERO1

As the world of television shifts from cable providers to online subscriptions, an increase in the availability of overseas programming has occured. Gone are the days of “tape trading,” a form of bartering that would involve sending funds overseas in order to receive a third generation VHS copy of the show of your choosing. This more »

Living With Goats

Living With Goats

Ida Luis-Hulsey led me out of the first of four barns. She had just finished feeding only a small portion of her goats. “This is only my sixth year and I’m running 120.” she told me. By 120, Ida meant 120 goats. Her farm, IJ Farms Boer Goats, breeds and sells breeding does and market more »

Service Flags in the Veterans Resource Center

Veterans Create Their Own Place

The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) opened at Yuba this semester. It is a spacious spot for veterans that has computers, wireless Internet, study tables, a lending library, and a cozy lounge area with a big screen TV. It is in room 726, and it is open from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. A veteran more »

Belinda's Best Comics of 2014

Belinda’s Best Comics of 2014

2014 was a wonderful year for comics. Whether they were on-going or just beginning, there was always something good every week. With all of the comics to pick from, it’s overwhelming to figure out which ones are really amazing. There are many other great comics, but this list is just a handful of some of more »

Pulling the Plug on Cable

Pulling the Plug on Cable

The clock strikes midnight and Valentine’s Day arrives. Local wrestling referee Tony Ceto awakes from a rare nap, and while he may have an entire day full of romantic activities ahead of him, his focus is on the immediate present. It’s the middle of the night, yet he’s wide awake and the strategic slumber he more »

The Future 30 Years Ago:  ‘1984’ at Yuba College

The Future 30 Years Ago: ‘1984’ at Yuba College

Yuba College “Book Talk,” a gathering of students and teachers to discuss literature, started Friday, Feb. 13, in the Writing and Language Development Center. This semester the first book will be George Orwell’s dystopian novel, “1984.”Meetings are every Friday from 10 -11 a.m. According to Rosemary McKeever, Instructional Associate at the WLDC, “‘Book Talk’ was more »

Diabolus hircus

Diabolus hircus

I remember a recurring dream as a child… I am a boy dressed in dirty brown overalls who shines the shoes of travellers that visit my homestead: a pastoral farm in the Swiss alps. My family, a ragtag collection of yokels, tries to grow tobacco in this alpine climate. They also try to tend to more »

Local Kid Runs The Ring

Local Kid Runs The Ring

As referee Tony Ceto prepares for the evenings festivities, his step-mom reminds him in the background to not wear his work pants before the show, or “ref pants” as she referred to them. He folds them, puts them in his duffle bag and calmly reminds her with a tone only a teenager can carry, “They’re more »

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