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Departing students reflect on Yuba College

Yuba College sign located in front of administrative building

“Applying what you learned and acquired from Yuba College, how will your future prosper?”

The primary objective of Yuba College is for students to excel their academics for preparation of graduation, entry to the job market or for further career development. With a diversity of opportunities, support, student services and instruction, Yuba College undoubtedly abides by their objective for students to pursue their ambitions with comfort,
confidence and success.

With the semester coming to an end, students will prepare for exams and new goals for the near future, more precisely, graduating and transferring students. These students lead a whole other spectrum of stress as they prepare themselves for the part of life filled with undiscovered ventures, experiences and opportunities.

As these students conclude their studies, they reflect on their time spent at Yuba College with the question: “Applying what you learned and acquired from Yuba College, how will your future prosper?”

“The biggest thing I feel I acquired from Yuba College, apart from the stress, has been an improvement in my listening skills thanks to some Psychology classes.” -Elena Mendoza,
Psychology major.

“The biggest thing I’ve acquired from Yuba College is strength. College life can be stressful and difficult, and even more so being a single mother. But I learned that anything worth having never comes easy.” -Catrina Current, Human
Services/Social Work major

“I learned at Yuba College to treat my education like a job and applying this lesson will help me prosper in the future by being patient with others, and to listen before I talk. I also learned if you sing a song to 85,000 people, they will sing it back for 85,000 different reasons.” -Jose Hernandez, Music major.

“I acquired many things being in Yuba College. I learned how to manage my time better in my Counseling 10 class, and every class I took here has benefitted me in some way. I appreciate the help that I received from instructors for sharing their knowledge with us and make us feel powerful in today’s world. Currently, I’m majoring in Business Administration and this is my last semester here. I want to thank the Yuba College staff for all the help and opportunities and resources they provided for me.” -Ahmad E.A.J., Business Administration major.

“All of the professors here have really been great so they’ve been preparing me in skills such as meeting deadlines knowing how to recognize what information is important like I’ve learned really good study techniques. Here I’ve learned a lot from being given the opportunity to be a tutor and so i think through helping other people learn I learn a lot too and so I would say that that’s a really valuable thing. My plans are to travel to UC Davis to continue studying Psychology and to earn my Bachelors. After that comes grad school and we’ll see what happens from there.” -Paige Shelgrove, Psychology major.

“With all the information I have acquired at Yuba College, I feel that my future will flourish and prosper in the career of my choice without a doubt. Yuba College has fully prepared me for the future.” -Robert Rodriguez, Social Work minor and Arts and Humanities minor.

“In the past few years I’ve learned a lot about being myself and that going to school can be fun and exciting and this will help me in the future by being more optimistic and confident in myself to apply myself to the real world”-Krizza Hernandez, Business Administration major.

“I have learned to take up any opportunity that is available to me, so that in my future more doors will open up for me. My experience at Yuba College opened my mind so that I’m not narrow minded and because I learned this I will be able to understand and work with my future business partners as well as the world around me.” -Ally Lutz, Business Administration major.

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