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About Us

We are The Prospector: the official, unofficial independent, student-run Yuba College make-shift journalist organization of… well… Yuba College and to some degree, the surrounding area. We are, simultaneously, enrolled in Yuba College’s Eng/Mass Comm 20LR News Media Production course, which grants us the authority to be real journalists for a semester. Collectively, we assume a responsibility to this college, to its students, staff and faculty.

We want to engage students. Enliven them! We want to transform our fellow course-mates from what they’ve tragically become over the years, that is, a throng of zombies ceaselessly mouthing the word FAFSA and frothing at the ears… into a thriving culture of exciting intellectuals. Contrary to the opinion of anyone with common sense, we believe that Yuba College can be exactly that – a academic Eden!

We want to guarantee you, our reader, a news-flow that’s unfailingly accurate. We want to be Charlie Sheen doped up on foo-foo dust: inexhaustible. We want to be the little, beloved insulin pump to your diabetes: reliable.  In short, we want to report on stuff. And we’d be overjoyed if you wanted us to want to report on stuff too. Because what else, other than an semi-experienced news association, will make the world go ‘round? Don’t ask us. We couldn’t tell you.